Soma Dinyés


Soma Dinyés was born in 1975, studied in Budapest and graduated as a choral conductor from the Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest in 1999. During his studies at the Academy he learnt from Zsuzsa Pertis many “tricks of the trade” of harpsichord playing and the performance of early music. He completed his DLA in music theory at the Liszt Academy of Music in 2007.

In the spring of 1995 he founded Ars Longa Choir and Chamber Orchestra with a view to improve the standards of the authentic performance of Baroque music on the Hungarian music scene. The group has released numerous CDs and regularly appears in festivals around the country. In 2002 and 2003 the group performed the complete first season of Bach’s Leipzig cantatas (a total of 54) in Budapest, in the order of composition and on a weekly basis.

Soma Dinyés has taught solfeggio and music theory at the Béla Bartók Musical Secondary School in Budapest since 1999, and he also plays the organ or harpsichord continuo in numerous instrumental groups. He is a regular guest performer in most Budapest-based orchestras, including, among others, the Budapest Festival Orchestra, the Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra, the Ferenc Erkel Chamber Orchestra, and also the Veszprém-based Mendelssohn Chamber Orchestra. He also appears with Baroque chamber orchestras, including Musica Profana, Aura Musicale, Hortus Musicus and Sonatores Pannoniae. He is a member of the Bratislava-based Solamente Naturali chamber orchestra with whom he performs extensively around Slovakia and Europe (Brussels, Murcia, Warsaw, etc.).