Igor Levit zusammen mit den
Wiener Philharmonikern zu Gast in der Carnegie Hall

Zum Konzert mit Igor Levit zusammen mit den Wiener Philhamonikern unter der Leitung von Michael Tilson Thomas am 5.3.2019 in der Carnegie Hall New York rezensierte die New York Times:

That the Vienna Philharmonic, so beholden to tradition, can discover Beethoven anew was triumphantly proved a few nights later, when the pianist Igor Levit was the soloist in the Third Piano Concerto, with Michael Tilson Thomas conducting. In Mr. Levit’s hands, a probing performance can seem excitingly dangerous. A telling example was the extended development section of the first movement. This episode, lasting a few minutes, is marked to be played softly. At first, the movement’s stern main theme is recalled by the piano — but mysteriously, quietly, in octaves. Then, supported by the orchestra, the piano elongates the theme and takes exploratory excursions into genial-sounding passages of spiraling triples…“

(11.3.2019, Anthony Tommasini)

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