Dresdner Kapellsolisten

Members of the Saxonian Staatskapelle DresdenThe chamber orchestra Dresdner Kapellsolisten was founded in 1994 by young and committed musicians usually playing at the first music stand of Saxonian Staatskapelle Dresden. They are very concorned about attaining today’s audience with interpretations of classical and romantic heritage performed as authentically as possible. This does not only mean for them interpretations which are faithful of the original according to today’s historical and stylistic knowledge, but also to create a vivid language out of tension and impulsiveness of each work shaped by unique and special connections of phrasing, tempo and tone colour.

The orchestra is conducted by Helmut Branny as a „primus inter pares”, but cooperation with guests for special projects – i.g. with Peter Schreier. Also Dresdner Kapellsolisten are playing with Isabelle v. Keulen, Maurice Andre, Eckart Haupt among others.

The way and manner of cooperating is of special importance for the members of Dresdner Kapellsolisten. Thus, rehearsing of new works is a long lasting process in which everybody may participate withhis special point of view. These rehearsals for interpretation are followed by rehearsals for ensemble playing and musical action where verbal communication is almost completely replaced by musical dialogue. As a result of this intensive rehaersing, the number of works presented from the repertoire is limited within certain periods of time.

Having successfully appeard, in Rhineland-Festival, Hannover and Dresden the orchestra is going to participate in Würzburg Mozart Festival, Music Festival Saxony-Anhaltina, Maulbronn and Walkenried Monastery Festivals, Schwetzingen, Cologne, Hannover’s Herrenhausen Festival, Mosel Festival, Hamburg, Leipzig, Bremen, Milano, Florence, Japan-tours. The orchestra made a lot of disc records.