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Tour Projects

with Claudio Abbado

In June 2013 the international renowned conductor Claudio Abbado will celebrate his „80th birthday“ and in the upcoming seasons he is going to start selected tours in Europe in the season 2014/15 together with the Orchestra Mozart. This orchestra involves leading musicians of top class orchestras in Europe.

Maxim Vengerov

Back on the violin!

CCM is going to present a prestigious World Tour in the season 2013/14.

London Philharmonic Orchestra

After the successful tours in the past the London Philharmonic Orchestra toured again in China at the end of December 2011/beginning of January 2012. The next tour in China will take place from 27 December 2014 until 8 January 2015.



巡演 & 艺术项目


罗马国立圣西西里亚学院管弦乐团 & 安东尼奥·帕帕奴